• On Saturday, my friend celebrated her 40th birthday so I hired Everton and his colleague Luna to do a performance at the party. They were absolutely magical. He is great at getting the crowd dancing with him, even the most shy ones! We learned some really groovy dance moves from him. The theme was Rio and they came dressed in a costume as well. The party was good, but inviting Everton and Luna made it extremely memorable and everyone was raving about the party for the next few days. I would highly recommend hiring Everton for your party if you want to give it that extra touch. 💃🕺
    Vedrana R
  • I was lucky enough to have Everton and Kathe perform and provide entertainment at my surprise 30th birthday party on the weekend. My cousin surprised me with a cheeky dance routine by Everton! Both provided the best entertainment, showed off their AMAZING dance moves and were a pleasure to have at the party. They also had my friends and family involved in the entertainment and provided many laughs. I had my guests raving about how great and entertaining Everton and Kathe were on the night and would highly recommend them for your next event! :)
    Karen Rivera
  • I booked Everton for my birthday to provide coaching to the guests and lit the dance floor. Due to Covid, several guests didn’t manage to attend the party. Everton brings a lot of energy to the dance floor and adapted to the situation and still manage to entertain us and gave us a special performance. I will book him again for my next party. Highly recommended.
    Kris Oliveria