Accelerate your learning by doing private classes, check the results from some students👇

  • I had my first dance class with Everton. The class was amazing , professional and funny. I'm very shy but I could to take my first steps in the Brazilian sertanejo. I really recommend.
  • Been loving my sessions with Everton. He is such a gentle person and spends so much time getting to know you, so he can help you in the best possible way. Whether your goal is to improve your dancing skills, overcome shyness, or to relax and get out of your head, he will support you all the way. Above all, he ensures that you feel comfortable and encourages you to explore body movement, discover new shapes, be playful and to trust the feeling rather than just teaching steps or telling you what to do. You can really tell he loves dancing and loves to support people in their dance journey. You'll get nothing but positive vibes. And lots of laughter and fun along the way is the cherry on top.
    Pinar Yigiter
  • Very professional, I have no dancing experience and I was shy at first so I started with the Booster Class, this was so much fun and I learnt a lot, I found this class very important to do because it was the main foundation, gave me more confidence and helped me with all the other classes, the instructor is very professional and friendly, creating a fun environment. Overall I had an awesome experience and can’t wait to do more classes, 10/10 highly recommend!
    Aden James
  • Everton is an amazing Dance Instructor! He is so incredibly kind and patient, especially with beginner dancers. He has a caring nature and passion to help his clients not only with dance, but with their personal development and confidence. I highly recommend!!
    Dani C
  • Everton is an amazing dance instructor! I was always afraid and shy of dancing with a partner however through dance Everton helped me overcome my fear and also become more confident in myself. He is so incredibly kind and patient, especially with beginner dancers and has a passion to help his clients and always wants the best for them!
    Joel Coelho
  • I highly recommend Everton classes . Always I have so much fun. He helped me to be more confident and improve my dance skills.Can’t wait to my next class 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 …
    Fabiane Silva