See her the epic wedding dance we have created

  • Smady
    Everton has special skills to understand client needs, and he digs deep and put great effort into creat connections between partners. As he said let the connection make the moves.
  • We were looking for a teacher to help us prepare a first dance for our wedding and found Everton who was absolutely amazing. In 6 lessons, he not only prepared a beautiful choreography and taught us the steps and skills, he also taught us how to connect and communicate while dancing through touch. This gave us confidence that if anything went wrong we could progress the dance without any issues. It also gave the dance a beautiful emotion to it which came through on the day. And most of all it meant we actually had fun doing something we found a bit daunting at first. Everton was so fun to work with, very professional and an excellent teacher who will give you great results. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Everton!
    Jessica Kinny
  • Everton not only, created the whole choreography for the first dance in our wedding but also added an extra one in the end, which made the all difference. In the end, Everyone was talking about it! Some even said that the highlight of the night was the dance! The whole process of learning was such a great experience for both of us, not only because we achieved our goal, but the classes and how Everton handle it strengthen our bond and connection. Even when the weeding passed, we have done a couple of time these two choreography to remember the moments and having fun :) We highly recommend the Social Dance Coach with Everton!
  • Looking forward to our wedding dance lessons with Everton :) we had such a great experience on our free consultation class and cannot wait for the fun and learning to start! Thanks so much Everton for such a great introduction, I can tell you do this with so much passion which is what we are looking for! ;)
    Daniela Munera Restrepo
  • So so good to have discovered this. This coach has an unlimited passion for dancing and a true desire for everyone to discover the happiness and confidence that dancing can give you. The classes are fun, as challenging as you want them to be and very fulfilling. I love it!!
    Lucia Alonso